The Cons and Pros of VoIP

Voice over Internet Protocol Technology has become very popular it is combining the regular phone service and digital communications it has reached to the next level. Voice over internet protocol brings functional, comfortable and affordable service, which solve many of the issues. If the voice over internet protocol technology is great and it is very important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of it when you start investing money in this phone system. But now there is large variety of voice over internet protocol providers and specifically, your savings will depend on the system in which you decided to invest money.

Voice over internet protocol Pros

Affordable price
You can call and talk for free. The main advantage of the Voice over internet protocol service, the financial savings, almost all calls from PC to PC or from computer to other computer are free anywhere in the world. Free calls this is an advantage that leads many people to switch to Voice over internet protocol telephony. But you have to pay for making calls from PC to phone, landline or mobile, so this price is not that much expensive, and it is lower than your regular phone service as they charge you. Usually, no one from the Voice over internet protocol providers will make any extra charge or have hidden fees. So, after switching to Voice over internet protocol service you will remind with horror about the huge or large bills that you had to pay before.

Additional Features
The cost of the Voice over internet protocol service depends on which you have chosen a service provider. There is a great variety of calling features. Many service providers include features such as call forwarding, call waiting, caller ID. Many of the companies use Voice over internet protocol because it is very simple to make video-conference calls and make message and data exchange information along with the conversation.

Voice over internet protocol Cons

No Power – No Phone
Voice over internet protocol is not very reliable in the case of electricity if it is out for any reason. You won’t have the phone system. If you want to use the Voice over internet protocol service during a power outage, a power supply or a generator must be installed on the premises, but as a rule, this is very expensive.

Technical issues

The echoing and static have to be improved.  This problem of sound quality in Voice over internet protocol telephony has not yet been saved definitely.

So, there are some disadvantages of the Voice over internet protocol system, but since Voice over internet protocol is a new technology, issues like latency, connection-time will be worked out. All these problems will solve. The advantages of the Voice over internet protocol service make clear that it has worth to switch to this service.

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